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 Shapewear Can Do More Than Just Shape Your Body.....

Are you desperately trying to hide the love handles or muffin top which stare you in the face when you look into the mirror?
Or do you just want to smooth out your body and contour your figure into a more pleasing appearance?
Whatever the reason, you might want to have a look at what the undergarment industry has to offer you.

First, what exactly is shapewear?
Shapewear is an undergarment that provides instant shaping and sculpting, and is designed to smooth or control your body shape.
Well, you guessed it, shapewear comes in many different types and levels of shape control, as well as in different fabrics.
Each one focuses on a certain part of your body: You would wear body briefers for the overall sexy look, they flatten and firm your tummy, and some are capable of shaping your body from your breasts to your behind quite effectively. Girdles target your butt, tummy, hips, waist and thighs. Some even provide back support to improve your posture. For an hour glass shaped waist and a flat tummy, waist cinchers are the way to go, they even can give your breasts a natural lift.
Only you can decide which body shapewear is the best fit for you.

But what about comfort? Women sometimes complain that tight fitting undergarments are hard to put on and off. Some even fear they cause problems when using the bathroom. Well, if this were true a high percentage of women would not use the bathroom again - at least not during daytime.Just make sure you get your measurements right and that whatever you choose is something you can comfortably breathe and move around in. If you do not like to wear it, what is the point in having it at all.

Here are some tips for finding this special undergarment just for you:

1. Try it on and stay true to your size.
Or be very sure about your measurements. Hint: it is not wise to go a size higher for comfort, or a size lower for this
extra slim figure. A size higher may not do anything for your figure, a size smaller might cause bulges and it can even cut off your breathing and circulation.

2. When will you wear it?
You can wear light and medium control every day, all day. Firm control might not be as comfortable and you might want to reserve those for special occasions.

3. Colour.
Avoid white. Beige or black should be your choice. Beige looks better, even under a white T-shirt. Of course, you can wear any colour you like, if what you put on top of it is no see-through.

4.The right fabric.
Do not combine a hosiery-type shaper with cotton clothing. The cotton may cling to your undergarment. Choose a polyester/spandex type of shaper instead. Also, for silk or jersey clothing choose seamless shapewear to make it invisible.

5. The right style.
Avoid a full-slip style under a wrap-style dress. Go with a high-waisted shaper, as wrap dresses typically have a deep cleavage and a full-slip style is usually cut too high.

Shapewear has become the fastest growing category in intimate apparel for women and is actually replacing everyday bras and panties for many of them. Body shapewear is not only able to provide instant shaping and sculpting, you might even lose weight in it because it can prevent you from over-eating!

Everything said, you simply can never go wrong when it comes to shapewear. Wether you wear it every day, at home, at work or on those special occasions, it will always work its magic - and everybody can see the difference it makes on your body.

So, how about giving it a try and see for yourself how much sexier and curvier you can look, no matter what you are wearing on top of it?

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